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How we review

At gamblee.com, we take pride in the objective and truthful representation of online casinos. To ensure you will only connect with reputable online casinos, we have developed a stringent review process we adhere to when onboarding new brands.


To ensure the safety of our users’ funds, every online casino showcased on Gamblee must be licensed and regulated in the jurisdictions in which it offers services. Online casinos that are regulated and licensed need to adhere to the stringent requirements set by the governing authorities and provide resolution centres to solve player complaints.

Reputable online casino licensors include:

These agencies were founded to protect customers from any dangers gambling online might bring and work with various partners to assist players and ensure that responsible gambling is encouraged.


While we consider third-party reviews and ratings when onboarding new online casinos onto Gamblee, we don’t give them much weight. That is because most casino review sites are untrustworthy.

Looking at websites like Trustpilot to gather information about what players think about an online casino is not optimal either, because it’s primarily people who are angry that they lost who leave reviews. We can’t give those reviews credence as they do not mirror the online casinos’ quality.

So what are our options to rate the online casino’s reputation?

We read the terms and conditions, test the withdrawal speed and easiness, and take bits of information from other review sites to gather information about unfair practices. We also consider our users’ experience. 

Safety and security


To power our system and provide our users with accurate listings based on their preferences, we note down various specifics for each online casino when adding it to our database.

We provide information about the availability of games. betting options and software providers for the following categories within our reviews:

  • Casino
  • Live Casino
  • Betting
  • Bingo
  • Poker
  • Lottery

For each of these categories, you will find a list of games/sports/lotteries and the supporting software providers on our reviews.

Here are other things we highlight in our reviews:

  • Available payment methods
  • Associated online casinos
  • Establishment date
  • Withdrawal speed
  • Contact details
  • Bonus offers
  • Licenses

Cataloguing data

We strive to be different

The internet is crowded with different websites providing information about anything you could think of, but biased reporting is commonplace due to advertising deals made between online casinos and publishers.

To ensure objectivity, we let customers share the experiences they have made with online casinos instead of writing our own reviews.

Our focus instead lies on providing information about the online casinos’:

  • Safety and reputation
  • Bonus offer’s fairness
  • Withdrawal speediness

What we do is catalogue data, list the games and betting options, which software providers they cooperate with and take the online casino’s reputation into consideration, but the ratings are made by players.

Our mission