Who Plays Online Bingo the Most?



20 May, 2022

When people talk about gambling, they rarely consider bingo. That is because bingo has a gentler aura. It is a game mainly associated with the elderly, more of a way of having fun and passing the time than winning life-changing jackpots. However, many surveys and research results tell us interesting things about bingo. Therefore, we wish to challenge stereotypes and discuss online bingo as a popular gambling game in the same realm as slots, blackjack or roulette. Don’t worry – if you merely played virtual bingo with friends on weekends, you won’t affect the research results.

As bingo enthusiasts ourselves, we were curious to know the demographics of online bingo players and whether any of the bingo stereotypes were true. So, if you share the curiosity, keep reading to find out if female bingo is a thing and if you can play bingo games online for free.

Bingo Stereotypes: Are They True?

Grannies hitting bingo numbers is an old-fashioned representation of bingo, especially since the game transitioned to the online gambling scene. Online gambling brands have experienced a massive jump in popularity in the past few years. As a result, the online bingo industry has also grown impressively, now representing a significant sector in iGaming. Recent studies indicate that there are over 100 million bingo players worldwide.

1.      Only Seniors Play Bingo

While older generations are mostly frequenting traditional bingo halls, the age group most likely to play bingo online is the 25-34s range. Today’s gaming world is driven by younger people playing games on tablets and smartphones. Therefore, they are exposed to the charms of online bingo. As more younger players take on bingo online, more software developers also begin to craft bingo games to appeal to such groups.

2.      Only Women Play Bingo

“Ladies bingo” is another term you’ll often hear in the context of bingo gaming. Is bingo a women’s sport? Many people believe so. There have been surveys and research studies aiming to solve this dilemma. Admittedly, more men play bingo now than a couple of decades ago. Nevertheless, we need to face the facts. Out of 100 million bingo players worldwide, roughly 80% are women.

3.      Only Idle People Play Bingo

The next misconception is that online bingo players are single folk on the dole. That is incorrect because online bingo players are more likely to be married or in a domestic partnership than single or divorced. A recent survey revealed that half of the participants who admitted to playing bingo on the regular were in a serious relationship at the same time. So, marital status doesn’t dictate the appearance or absence of bingo gaming habits.

4.      Bingo is Going Extinct

Moving on, we can also see people commenting on bingo as a dying game. That is untrue, and we’ve already indicated that bingo is alive and well. What is more, bingo is evolving to adhere to the needs of the modern gambling industry. We are witnesses to younger generations of online players embracing bingo, and a growing number of men choose to play it at online bingo sites. Online casino punters realise that bingo provides a unique gaming experience due to the game’s simplicity and the buzzing chat rooms. It’s what maintains bingo in high demand and will continue to do so.

5.      Online Bingo is Rigged

Many people still need to see it to believe it. If they don’t hold bingo cards in their hands and see the presenter drawing bingo numbers, they’ll claim the game is rigged. Of course, it’s not possible to rig anything with online bingo because games are powered by advanced RNG software. The same software runs on all online casino games, from video slots to poker. A run of bad luck does not mean the bingo cards are designed to make you lose. The results are always random, meaning they can’t be tampered with or influenced in any way. The best online bingo sites undergo audits by independent organisations to verify the fairness of their games.

Who Makes the Online Bingo Community?

Let’s describe in more detail the online bingo community. Although most players are women, bingo is not purely a female pastime. We’ve mentioned that a significant portion of bingo fans are married or in a partnership. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why stay-at-home parents like to play bingo online. Apart from being able to chat with new friends and have fun over a few bingo rounds, they can keep an eye on their children in a safe environment.

Some online bingo sites cater to specific bingo demographics. For example, if they wish to appeal to women, they will colour the site pink and make a TV ad with women shouting “Bingo!” in front of the laptop. Other bingo operators will present their site in a more neutral tone. Finally, we have websites that will include celebrity gossip, flirting and exclusive red-carpet offers to attract younger audiences.

Why do people even choose to play bingo online when they can do so many other things? Around half of them claim bingo helps them relax, whereas some 30% admit that it also gives them excitement in some shape or form. Many surveyed bingo players highlight that they like the convenience of online play, given that they don’t have to conform to any schedule. Interestingly, players rarely pick bingo for money; even if the wins are never massive, they will keep playing because they genuinely consider betting on bingo numbers their hobby.

You might be surprised to know a bit more about the personality of an average bingo player. It turns out most bingo players are not secluded, lonely individuals. Instead, most are extroverted, challenging the common assumption of a bingo player not being the outgoing type. Some 60% of bingo bettors favour logical thinking over emotional reactions, putting them in the stable personalities category.

The Appeal of Online Bingo Games

There are numerous advantages to playing bingo on the internet, so if you might be on the verge of trying out some bingo games, here are some facts that might tip the scales towards “yes.”

  • Bingo is a game of pure chance. It does not involve skill. Therefore, you don’t have to study complex strategies and learn game rules. Everyone can quickly learn to play and enjoy it, regardless of their experience level in gambling.
  • The chatroom feature is one of the top reasons online players spend time playing bingo. Some will even compare chatrooms to family reunions. People love chatting while playing bingo because it is lively and real friendships are made.
  • You don’t even have to fill out your bingo cards manually when you play online. Most bingo sites have an automatic dauber feature that does the job for you while you relax, comment and chat about whatever is the topic of the day. Don’t forget to use popular bingo chatroom terms to comfort fellow players when they lose, like BLNG (Better Luck Next Game) or HABO (Have a Better One).
  • You can play bingo games online for free. If you’re feeling insecure about your online performance, play free bingo online. Even when you move on to playing with real money, you can find many bingo rooms with affordable card prices.
  • Play bingo from the comfort of your home. Forget about commuting to the nearest bingo hall. You can fire up the laptop and play within minutes in your warm and welcoming home setting. Top bingo sites support mobile play, meaning you can play wherever you are without restriction.

In Summary

Everyone has their lucky bingo numbers, regardless of age, sex or profession. However, dedicated observers have noticed some patterns in the online bingo community, bringing us closer to the online bingo world and its population. Women’s bingo is a reality, but that doesn’t mean men cannot enjoy bingo games online. The statistics prove that men are penetrating the bingo scene in greater numbers than before due to the game’s lightweight nature, convenience, and fun factor. The chatty bingo rooms are open to the young, the elderly, ladies, and gents.

One of the biggest perks of online bingo is acquiring friends through the chat feature. That’s something everyone can relate to. As a result, people from all walks of life are playing bingo these days, and there seems to be no sign of slowing down for the bingo choo-choo train. So, come aboard and experience the hype for yourself.



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