Top 10 Online Slots To Play in The UK



18 Aug, 2023

Top 10 Online Slots To Play in The UK

Looking for the top casino slot machines to play? Search no further. The top slot games highlighted in this article will keep you engaged for hours on end. We have everything you need, from Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, Play’n Go’s Cloud Quest, NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest, to ELK Studio’s Taco Brothers, and much more.

Microgaming’s Mega Moolah has a cult following due to its record-smashing jackpot.  This slot game has a large audience since it offers three different jackpot varieties, with the top payout frequently reaching tens of millions of dollars.

Another fantastic option for football enthusiasts is NetEnt’s Football Champions Cup. The game features an intriguing free spin round where you have to spin more goals than your rival to climb in the league standings.

Additionally, there are exciting bonus rounds in Elk Studios’ Taco Brothers and Quick Spin’s Second Strike slots. These two games will surely put you on the edge of your seat.

Starburst has attracted the interest of both casinos and players. This NetEnt slot has cemented its place as an icon among the best casino games despite being published a decade ago. It appears to have enough to appeal to everyone thanks to its excellent production value and frequent payments.

Foxin Wins, Golden Goddess, Mega Jackpot Range, and Gonzo’s Quest are the other popular mobile slots. All of these slots are popular with gamers because of their distinctive features and playability.

Play’n Go’s Cloud Quest elevates slot games to a whole new level with its creative gameplay and mystic powers that may randomly be triggered throughout the base game.


Key Takeaways

  • A fan favourite, Microgaming’s Mega Moolah online slot pays record-breaking jackpots.

  • With a unique free spins round, NetEnt Football Champions Cup is ideal for football fans.

  • Quick Spin Second Strike and Taco Brothers by Elk Studios both have fun extra rounds.

  • With its cutting-edge gameplay, Play’n Go’s Cloud Quest elevates slot games to a whole new level.


Microgaming’s Mega Moolah

Microgaming popular slot game Mega Moolah gives players a chance to win big. This slot machine game is a favorite choice for those hoping to strike it rich. The game currently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest payout by an online casino game. Three different jackpot categories are available in the game; mini, minor, and major. The largest of the three frequently pays out millions of pounds to the lucky player.

Although some people could compare the gameplay to other Microgaming Slots, the possibility of hitting the multi-million jackpot is what makes it stand out. The jackpot is ever-growing until a lucky player wins it all. If you fail to score big in this game, you shouldn’t stress out. It has bonus rounds and other features that ensure you are awarded accordingly.


NetEnt’s Football Champions Cup

NetEnt’s Football Champions Cup slot machine is a football-themed game. Due to its distinctive gameplay and intriguing features, the game has grown in popularity among players. The slot machine offers a standard slot game with a football theme. Players can also compete in penalty shootouts against the machine to see who can rack up the most goals and greatest multipliers. To climb up the league table during the free spins round, players must spin more goals than their rivals, which is basically the online slot game.

Because of its unique theme and style of play, the Football Champions Cup slot machine has favorable reviews from both players and critics, making it a must-play for slot game enthusiasts who are fans of football.


Elk Studios’ Taco Brothers

Popular slot Taco Brothers from Elk Studios is based in an era when classic Western bank heists were a thing. The action-packed, quick-paced game has three brothers who rob banks as wild symbols on the reels during the bonus round. Your mission, should you accept it, is to direct the brothers through the reels without being apprehended by the sheriff, who might emerge at any time. The brothers are released, restarting the game and giving the player a chance to win big if the damsel in distress symbol is spun.


Quick Spin’s Second Strike

Quick Spin’s Second Strike online slot gives players a second chance to win big. The gameplay is standard for slot machines, but there is a twist. Players are given a second chance to spin the outside of the slot after spinning a line of symbols. The symbols in the border correlate to those on the reels, with more valuable symbols being more infrequent. Once a symbol within the reels is spun, it lit up, and a symbol on the borders is chosen randomly. If both symbols match, you receive a payout. Every spin is twice as exhilarating because of this distinctive feature.


Play’n Go’s Cloud Quest

Cloud Quest slot machine from Play’n Go is distinctive and cutting-edge. It has a grid where symbols are dropped, unlike typical slots, and is reminiscent of a connect four game. In the free spins round, players must spin superpowers to aid their superhero avatar in taking down a group of supervillains. Additionally, players can randomly activate up to four superpowers throughout the base game, giving them more chances to win. These abilities can multiply each win or increase the number of wilds produced per spin.

Although it has a simplistic format, Cloud Quest online slot stands out from other slot games simply because of its innovation. It may not have the best payouts, but if you are to enjoy a truly pleasurable slot experience, you must try it.


NetEnt’s Starburst

A well-known slot machine, Starburst has become synonymous in the online casino industry, being played by both professionals and new players alike. It was released a decade ago, but because of its excellent production quality and frequent payouts, it still draws large crowds. It is a favorite among all types of casino players since it has something to offer everyone.

The free spins game makes it a popular hit among players. Additionally, it has both ways feature, making it a reliable slot game for gamers. Starburst connects with the audience and keeps them coming back for more, thanks to its cool and simplistic gameplay.

Even though Starburst has been available for a while, players can still benefit from the numerous promotions that are now available on it. Most top-rated online casinos include free spins bonuses on this game.


NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest

Like Starburst, NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest has swept the online casino industry off its feet. Its launching marked a significant turning point in the mobile slot developing niche. The game’s plot is introduced in an amazing opening cinematic with excellent sound production and eye-catching visuals. You’ll meet Gonzo, the game’s mascot, who is animated and occasionally dances across the reels to celebrate each victory.

However, the game’s dominant feature is the avalanche/cascading reels feature. The avalanche/cascading reels/symbols in Gonzo’s Quest explode on each winning spin, giving players fantastic feedback. This leads to multiple wins during gameplay. Additionally, the game is available for play in VR mode.

Like Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest still has a number of promos running, which makes trying it out even more alluring. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most played mobile slots at the moment.


NextGen Gaming’s Foxin Wins

Two of the most played mobile slot games right now are Foxin Wins and Foxin Wins Again. These games have appealed to players despite lacking ostentatious features. Some of the reasons why players prefer playing them are because of their frequent payouts, lucrative free spins modes, and endearing mascots. Foxin Wins draws players back time and time again with its entertaining gameplay and lucrative payout potential. Due to its straightforward yet effective design, Foxin Wins has distinguished itself among the casino greats even though it may not have the same production value as some other slots.


IGT’s Mega Jackpot Range of Slots

IGT created a trio of progressive jackpot slots called The Mega Jackpot Range. Cleopatra, Isle of Plenty, and Siberian Storm are the three jackpot games you can play in this category. They all have massive jackpot prize pools that frequently top tens of millions of pounds. The Mega Jackpot Range’s slots are all distinctive and designed to fit their various themes, giving players a rich and interesting experience.

To keep players coming back, online casinos also frequently offer promotions and additional features like free spins and bonus money on these three slots. Due to its fun gameplay, frequent payouts, and potential for huge prizes, the Mega Jackpot Range has proven to be a hit among players.


IGT’s Golden Goddess

IGT’s Golden Goddess is a mobile slot game that combines a straightforward aesthetic style with high-concept gameplay in an ideal way. This makes it playable on any mobile device, opening it up to a larger audience.

Golden Goddess has a simple and endearing appearance in contrast to other contemporary slots, which strive for eye-popping visuals to match the complexity of their gameplay. It is practical and rewarding because it contains a combination of wild reels that can result in extremely large wins.

Due to its ease of play and regular payouts, players favor the game, which has seen it grow in popularity. Due to the ongoing promotions and bonuses that casinos provide for the game, its popularity is only increasing.



Anyone who has read this far should be able to pick from the best mobile slot games ever made. With its Guinness World Record for the largest online payout, Microgaming’s Mega Moolah is a popular choice among gamers and offers players the possibility to earn enormous prizes through its multi-tiered progressive jackpot.

NetEnt Football Champions Cup is a fun and distinctive game with a standard slot hidden below its football-themed gameplay. It distinguishes itself from other football-themed slots with its free spins round and penalty shootouts, making it a player favorite.

Taco Brothers by Elk Studios is an action-packed game featuring a bonus round that can go on for a very long time. The game’s theme is set during an old Western bank heist.

Quick Spin Second Strike is a lesser-known game created by an equally lesser-known, but potentially popular software provider, although it offers a novel twist on the conventional slot game style. The thrill of a second chance to win large would appeal to players who appreciate the thrill of adding games to their collection. The game also features state-of-the-art graphics and is fully optimized for mobile play.

With its excellent production value and regular payouts, Starburst has cemented its status as an industry legend in the casino industry. Its win-both-ways feature is also rewarding, and was the first game to ever have this feature.

Cleopatra, Isle Aplenty, and Siberian Storm are the three expertly crafted progressive jackpot slots that make up the Mega Jackpot series from IGT. Together, they share a single mega jackpot prize pool that frequently tops tens of millions of dollars.

Golden Goddess is playable on any mobile device because of its flawless balancing of high-concept gameplay with a straightforward visual aesthetic.

Gonzo’s Quest has completely taken over the casino industry because of its outstanding opening cinematic, first-rate audio and visual design, and the ideal mascot dancing across the reels to celebrate every victory. It also has the cascading reels feature, which ensures you have massive wins from time to time.

Although Foxing Wins and its sequel, Foxin Wins Again, lack extravagant features, their frequent payouts, rewarding free spins modes, and endearing mascot have won over gamers.

Last but not least, Play’n GO’s Cloud Quest is a fun slot game with a grid slot and triggered superpowers that can be used during the base game.



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