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06 Nov, 2021

Bingo is undeniably fun. The game is even more satisfying if you can beat the opponents. However, completing win lines comes down to luck. But have you ever asked yourself why some players keep emerging bingo winners over and over again?

From an expert point of view, you can implement tricks in your bingo gaming to bend the odds in your favour. With practice, they can give you a competitive edge over other players.

We want to make it clear that bingo strategies do not guarantee a win in any way. They instead minimize your losses and increase the frequency of how often you win.

Having said that…

Now let us walk you through the top most popular bingo strategies worth trying out.

Bingo card selection strategies

Card selection is arguably the most critical part of playing bingo.

Many new and average players will let the system automatically select the bingo cards for them. Even though it is impossible to tell the exact numbers drawn, you can predict numerical patterns using Tippett’s theory or Granville’s strategy.

 Granville’s Strategy

Joseph E. Granville is a famous name in the bingo world. He also created successful strategies for buying and selling shares in the stock market.

Whilst the bingo numbers are randomly generated, the talented mathematician believed players could identify patterns in the drawn numbers.
His strategy is based on the 75 ball bingo, although you can use it in the British bingo version. He was American, after all!

Granville’s strategy is easy to follow, even if you are new to the game. It puts more emphasis on having numbers widely spread across your bingo card. Also, both online and land-based bingo players can take advantage of this strategy. The bingo cards you pick are dependent on the previous game results.

Here are Granville’s suggestions to increase the probability of winning at bingo:

  • Pick a bingo card with equal even and odd numbers.
  • Ensure the high and low numbers are balanced.
  • Select a card containing an equal number of balls with numbers that end with 1-9.

Tippett Theory

Leonard Henry Caleb Tippett was an English statistician. He wrote mathematical formulas and published numerous scientific papers, with some of his work relating to the gambling industry.

Tippett’s bingo theory suggested that the longer a bingo game goes on, the more likely the numbers drawn will be closer to the overall average or median.

If you are playing 75 ball bingo, you should choose a card with numbers close enough to 38. In 90 ball bingo, it is best to pick card numbers closer to 45.

He also pointed out that if a game takes a short time to determine a winner, the players should choose numbers close to 1 or 75. The bingo ticket will have more low and high numbers.

Unfortunately, the Tippet bingo strategy is less used because players often struggle to find cards with numbers grouped closer to the media or end. Players prefer Granville’s approach because it is more practical.

Extra card selection tip:

When selecting bingo cards, ensure they don’t share many similar numbers. This trick is ideal for players who use multiple bingo cards in their games. It helps cover a broader range of numbers, giving every card an equal chance of winning.

Money management tips

  • Make a budget
    Since bingo is a form of gambling, it is easy to overspend if you don’t budget. And overspending increases your risk of gambling addiction.
    Having a budget in place will help you know exactly how much you are spending per session. Make sure you stick to the set limit whenever you start playing.
  • Do not chase losses
    In bingo, it is possible to go on a losing streak during a particular day. If you lose a significant portion of your set bankroll for that day, you may be inclined to increase your wagering amount in the subsequent bets to recover what you have lost. You might feel as though you are due for a big win. Unfortunately, things do not always end well for many players chasing losses. If you continue doubling or tripling your bet and lose, you will get even more frustrated. You risk going over your budget in such circumstances, and potentially get addicted to bingo.
  • Play lower-value games
    The more games you participate in, the more likely the system will make you a winner. One of the strategies you can use to ensure you stay longer in the game is, of course, playing the lower-cost bingo games. Going the cheaper route will allow you to purchase more cards, thus boosting your odds of winning. And if you win, you can easily upgrade to better paying games. But if your budget allows you to play high-value games, skip this tip. We can recommend checking out penny bingo sites as they require the lowest ticket prizes. 

  5 Tricks every bingo player should know

  • Buy more cards

As mentioned above, by maximising the number of cards per game, you can lure the systems into choosing your bingo balls. Let us give an example. Suppose you purchase one bingo card to participate in a game with 99 other players, each with one card. In such a scenario, the odds that you will win are 1 in 100. You have the same chance of winning as everyone else. If you increase the cards by 10, the total number of cards in that game will be 110.

The likelihood of other players winning will drop to less than one per cent, while yours will jump to 10%. A bingo site can offer discounts on cards purchased in bulk. It is an excellent opportunity to save money, which you can use later to play with. Playing with more cards in a brick-and-mortar bingo will require a lot of concentration when marking off the numbers with a dauber. Buy what you can handle. In an online setting, however, things have been made easier for you. You can use an automatic dauber. That way, you won’t miss out on a single number. Bingo sites from Virtue Fusion for example offer you to pre-buy all your tickets which also comes in handy.

Join lesser crowded bingo rooms

Another strategy that could work in your favour is playing poorly attended games. You will face less competition. The game tends to take longer when you play with fewer players unless each member in the room purchased many cards. Keep in mind that the number of cards purchased in a game can affect the prize amount. The prizes may be smaller if the attendance is low. We can recommend the bingo sites powered by Dragonfish, if you want to find small player pools.

Practice with free bingo games
There is no substitute for knowledge. If you are interested in trying out a particular bingo version for the first time, then the free bingo games are worth playing. They can help hone your skills. Understanding how a game works means you will play with confidence once you start involving real money. Feel free to engage other players in case you need help. The chat rooms are friendly places to find assistance from more experienced players. We have a page where we list the best free bingo sites, where you can play for real money without paying.

Choose your bonus offer carefully
Bonuses and rewards are a standard norm in the gambling industry. You will come across various offers, such as free spins, cashback deals, no deposit credits, match bonuses, and other bingo bonuses. We understand it is hard to resist big bonuses. Be careful before accepting any attractive offer. A bingo provider can have their welcome offer look appealing on the outside, making it extremely challenging to convert the bonus into withdrawable money. We advise players interested in taking advantage of bingo bonuses to choose offers with lower wagering requirements. Some sites have no wagering requirements. Make sure you strictly follow the terms and conditions given.

Play at sites with the highest bingo RTP
RTP stands for Return to Player. The higher the RTP, the better the return value for players. If the RTP of a 90-ball bingo game is 80%, the house edge would be 20%. The 80% goes to players. The rest remains with the casino. Statistically, for every £10 wagered on that game, the payout would be £8. Well, this doesn’t mean that the bingo site will pay £8 for every £10 spent. RTP is a percentage measure of what a game pays back over time. You can bet £10 and win £100 or nothing. Generally, bingo RTP ranges from 70% to 85%.

Have Fun!

Nothing beats the feeling of being a consistent winner in whatever you do. That includes bingo. Following the above bingo strategies can increase your odds, but try not to take it too seriously. Bingo is a social game. As such, you should focus on enjoying yourself. Let winning be a reward for having fun.

Happy bingo gaming!

Some bingo rooms will display the numbers of cards that are in play. This can help you to calculate your odds and know how much to invest in your cards.

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