Are Online Bingo Games Rigged & Fixed?


06 Nov, 2021

You have probably heard that the house edge works in favour of online bingo sites. That does not mean you cannot win, though. Over time, however, the gaming company only offers games proven to be profitable for them and not you.

Whilst losing is part of the game, frustrations can kick in if you rarely win or enter a losing streak that just seems never-ending. Since the outcomes are software-generated, it is only natural to wonder whether online bingo games are fair. This is especially true if you have played at different places and noticed a significant difference in winning frequency. 

Why it’s difficult to rig online bingo games

So, are online bingo games fixed? As long as you stick to playing at licensed bingo sites with regularly audited bingo games, you do not have to worry about rigged games or alike.

Let us explain. 

License Status

Having a valid license is one of the prerequisites of operating a bingo platform online. UK providers face the strictest rules. The regulations are geared towards making the industry safe and fair.

Securing an operating license is difficult on its own, but maintaining it is even more challenging. 

The UK Gambling Commission can suspend or revoke licenses when the bingo operators do not comply with the acceptable code of conduct. One of those circumstances is engaging in fraudulent activities, such as manipulating their gaming software to increase profit margins. 

The regulatory body regularly keeps an eye on licensed platform’s activities to ensure they remain compliant at all times. An operator must display the license on their website, which you can typically find at the bottom of the homepage. 

There should be text stating the head office address, name of the bingo company, license number, and where it is licensed. 

Suppose you suspect an online gambling site does not hold a license or involves itself in unethical practices. In that case, the UKGC allows you to report the operator through a confidential reporting page.  

The complaints can lead to an inspection, and if it leads to any findings of wrongdoing, they will impose guidelines to make the platform compliant with the jurisdictional law.

If they don’t comply, they will lose their license and have to stop operating in the jurisdiction they just lost their right to offer services within.

Basically, every bingo provider that operates within the UK is provably fair. However, some black sheep might work without a license or just don’t care enough about the LAW.

That is where websites like ours come in handy. You can find reviews of players that had experiences with the brand you are interested in and can see whether they have a good reputation or not.

Bingo Game Auditing 

Like any game of chance, bingo is subject to regular audits. Every operator must comply with this requirement. Otherwise, they could lose their operating privileges. The most influential testing agency for online gambling platforms in the UK is eCOGRA.

Each game has a Random Number Generator (RNG) system. A unique algorithm to determine the order of numbers. Auditing ensures the outcome of the games is non-predictable or biased. 

The UK Gambling Commission has a list of third-party testing agencies approved to audit RNG games for fairness. Please note that an agency can participate in multi-jurisdictions testing. 

The listed agencies are well-known for using widely accepted robust testing methodologies and software. These agencies perform statistical calculations, estimations, and graphical plotting to verify a system’s correctness, taking into account the raw output and scaled decks data.

They rigorously test the algorithm and hardware for any weaknesses or vulnerabilities.

If an online bingo casino is certified by eCOGRA, the site will have an eCOGRA seal of approval logo. You can view the specifics of the audit by clicking on the logo. 

Before the audit results are published, a licensee must submit them to the licensing commission. The testing report includes:

  •  Name of the license
  • Date of testing
  • Certificate reference
  • RNG details

Description of the testing methodologies and approaches

  • Platform version and supplier
  • NRG use limitations
  • Findings from the test

As you can see, the compliance process is thorough. It is hard to cheat the system and get away with it. 

Suppose a site does not provide enough information on the auditing subject or any other area of concern. In such a case, players should contact the UKGC. The regulator can verify the credibility of the games and point you in the right direction. 

Bingo Game Developers and Providers 

In another attempt to answer whether “online bingo sites are rigged” or not, we look into the role of software providers. Reputable bingo developers like Dragonish, Playtech, Microgaming, and Gamesys will partner only with authorised and licensed companies.

If someone tries to violate the laws or becomes sloppy in applying safeguard policies, the software supplier can choose to end their partnership to avoid tainting their name. To continue benefiting from the best game suppliers, the operators must maintain the highest level of credibility and compliance.

Still Suspect An Online Bingo Site Is Rigged?

Perhaps many bingo players claim that a particular site is unfair despite it being legitimate. Most complaints usually revolve around experiences that one can avoid if the players knew how things work. 

Some of the more common dilemmas that bug players are related to the wagering requirements, losing streaks, and always seeing the same players win. 

Here are a few recommendations:

  1. Understand the bingo wagering requirements
    Before you grab that attractive bingo bonus, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Each bonus has different terms and conditions, and some are vastly better and fairer than others. Unfortunately, many tend to skip this critical part as reading through the fine script takes time.
  2. 2. Know there are good and bad days in bingo
    As mentioned, bingo is a game of chance. Entering a losing streak is perfectly normal. Just because you’re not winning does not mean the bingo provider has rigged the online games. It is just that luck is not on your side. Players also have their smiling days.In general, your bonus funds are subject to wagering requirements, which means you have to wager all winnings by a certain amount before being eligible to withdraw anything accrued from them.
  3. Play at bingo sites with a higher return to player (RTP)
    In the world of online bingo, an RTP is a percentage of the money that goes to players and the bingo site per game. If the RTP is 80%, the game provider takes 20% as the profit for each of your bets. The advantage of playing on sites with a high RTP is that more money goes to players. 
  4. Buy many tickets
    A player can claim a bingo site is rigged if the system keeps announcing the same players repeatedly. It is most likely that those winning players purchase the maximum number of tickets per game. Buying multiple tickets increases your winning chances.

The Bottom Line 

We hope it’s now clear that licensed and regularly audited online bingo sites do not fix their game’s outcomes. Remember that it is natural to feel disadvantaged over the short term if one experiences an unlikely losing streak. In the end, the numbers will make sense and even themselves out, so if you have a streak of unfavourable outcomes, math dictates that you will end up on the other side of statistics – and win much more often than you are supposed to.

If you are a member of an online bingo community, you may have come across comments regarding this problem. Many have concluded that this phenomenon hints that they are rigging the games. A technical error causes this type of issue. There is a valid explanation for this.

Once the game starts, the selected numbers from players get locked in, so now they are unchangeable. Locking the numbers will prompt the game algorithm to produce a sequence of random numbers to determine the winners. In other words, the computer knows the bingo cards of each player and already has an assigned winner even before they call out the numbers.

The system is programmed to stay ahead of what you’ll see on the screen throughout the gaming session. Whether the game stops before the first line winner has been called or at the end of the game, the winners will not change. The only difference is that the system told you the results earlier than planned, 

Forget about the technical glitch. Ask yourself what would happen if you lost an internet connection as soon as the game starts. If you had a winning combination of numbers, the software would automatically credit the winnings to your account even if you are not online to witness the winning number? 

There are sites outside the UK that accept British players. However, here is what you need to know.

Before 2014, the UKGC maintained a whitelist of six gambling jurisdictions whose licensing was recognised. Only operators with licenses in those jurisdictions were authorised to accept players from the UK.

Following the Gambling Act 2014, they abolished the whitelist. Operators in the European Economic Area (EEA) Countries and those from Gibraltar, Alderney, Tasmania, Isle of Man, and Antigua and Barbuda were required to receive licenses from the Gambling Commission if they wanted to operate in the Great Britain market. It does not matter whether if they already hold licenses within their jurisdictions. 

The Gambling Commission won’t hesitate to penalise offshore bingo sites that defy the UK gambling laws. If you are playing on a site that accepts players without UKGC endorsement, there’s a risk of things going wrong at some point. 



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