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07 Nov, 2021

Bingo enthusiasts have different game variations to try out. However, many players tend to gravitate towards 90-ball bingo. This version is hands down the most popular version of bingo in the UK and across the globe. 

Don’t confuse the game with 75-ball bingo, which is common in the US. The versions slightly differ in terms of tickets and calling. In this guide, we will share some tips and tricks to improve your chances of winning at bingo.

90 Ball Bingo Guide

If you are interested in learning how to play 90-ball bingo, this article will certainly steer you in the right direction. Read on to find out. 

Bingo Tickets Explained

Players are required to purchase numbered bingo tickets to participate in the game. When you look at the 90-ball bingo ticket, you will see 9 columns and 3 rows. 

Each row has 5 numbered boxes while the rest are empty. As for columns, each can contain a maximum of 3 numbers. Sometimes an entire column may also be blank. 

The numbers in the columns boxes are usually arranged as follows: 

  • 1st column – 1 to 9, or 10
  • 2nd column – 10 or 19 or 11 to 20
  • 3rd column – 20 to 29 or 21 to 30
  • 4th column – 30 to 39 or 31 to 40
  • 5th column – 40 to 49 or 41 to 50
  • 6th column – 50 to 59 or 51 to 60
  • 7th column – 60 to 69 or 61 to 70
  • 8th column – 70 to 79 or 71 to 80
  • 9th column – 80 or 81 to 90

Please note that the standard UK version of 9 x 3 Bingo tickets come in strips of 6. Each strip features numbers from 1 to 90. If you choose to purchase a maximum of six strips for a single game, then it means you will have a chance to mark off a number at each call.

While it’s possible to play and win with just one ticket from the strip, having more tickets increases your odds of winning. 

Rules of Play in a Live Hall or Online Casino

The 90-ball bingo rules are the same in terms of gameplay, whether you decide to play the game online or in a bingo hall. 

A human bingo caller presides over the hall games. They call out numbers selected by the random number generator, one at a time. If the number called is on your card, you mark it with a dabber. You will keep marking off the corresponding numbers to achieve the required winning pattern.

Playing the online version also involves quite the same procedure, although the calling of numbers is controlled by computer software that randomly selects balls during each game. The software displays numbers on the screen one at a time. 

You can choose to manually dab the numbers on your strips using a mouse or activate the auto-dab function. The auto-dab feature is helpful, especially when you have the maximum number of strips. 

Winning Combinations

You emerge a winner only if you have completed a predetermined pattern on your 90-ball bingo ticket. With this game, there can be up to 3 winning patterns. Therefore, 3 players stand a chance of walking away with prizes during every round. 

Here are the winning patterns:

  • One-line
  • Two-line
  • Full house

A one-line combination involves marking all the 5 numbers on one row of a ticket without particular order. On the other hand, a two-line winning pattern needs to have 2 rows with 10 marked numbers. A full house combination carries the best rewards, as a player must mark all the 15 numbers on a ticket. 

Claiming Your Win

If you win at an online casino, the game pauses for a short period before the round ends. You will see a message pop up on the screen, displaying the prize or reward each winner receives. Your cash will be credited automatically once the session ends.

In the case of live hall gaming, you should shout BINGO. The caller will know you are one of the winners. A bingo session ends once the winners have been announced. Another round begins with a new strip.

Pocket Prizes Without Winning Combination

Sometimes players don’t need to create the above patterns to win in 90-ball bingo games. You can get prizes if you have 1, 2, or 3 numbers left to complete your bingo card, although the rewards are usually smaller. 2TG, for example, stands for show 2 to go. 

Tips and Strategies to Swing 90 Ball Bingo Odds In Your Favour 

While bingo is a game of chance, here are a few things you can do to improve your odds of winning: 

  • Play the game at the right time: Your chances of winning increase when you play against fewer competitors. As such, we recommend playing during off-peak hours.
  • Take advantage of offers: It is a competitive world where operators need to keep rolling out promotions and discounts in exchange for your loyalty. Therefore, keep an eye on any incentives that can boost your bankroll for more playing time.
  • Purchase many cards for each round: We mentioned earlier that multiple strips improve your winning opportunities.
  • Play low-budget games: Some players have been lucky to strike gold with a few strips, but you will need to participate several times to achieve success in most cases. It is best to stick to inexpensive games. That way, you can buy more bingo cards and maximise your chances.
  • Use the free games to hone your skills: If you are a newbie, it is worth practising the free bingo games before loading cash into your account.
  • Read the fine print: You need to abide by all the other rules of online game providers or live halls. An innocent mistake can be the reason for forfeiting your prize money. 

If you want to play online, you can visit our page of recommended bingo sites, and if you want to get freebies, you can claim no deposit bingo bonuses.


It is not easy to state the exact amount because factors can influence the value of prizes or payouts. They include: 

  • Number of bingo tickets sold
  • Price of each ticket
  • Number of winners claiming the prize

The prize value is high when many players are participating in the game, especially with high price tickets. Winnings can drop if the prize won gets shared among multiple players



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