In online gambling, there are a lot of companies with predatory intent. Some bingo sites are illegally operating without a license, and others have predatory terms and conditions. 

They have their games rigged or reject your withdrawal once you land a big win in the worst case. But how can you avoid falling into the hands of those thieves when joining a new bingo site?

Only Licensed Bingo Platforms are Trustworthy

It’s simple—only register an account to trusted bingo brands that are licensed and have provably fair games, and you are safe from being scammed or mistreated.

But how do you identify trusted online bingo platforms?

The only bingo sites you can trust in the UK are brands that have passed the stringent audit initiated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

The gambling commission in the UK makes sure that each operator takes care of:

  • Upholding high-security safety standards to protect financial and personal data
  • Protecting people from falling victim to gambling addiction
  • Implementing countermeasures to money laundering
  • Holding up high technical standards and game integrity
  • Offering third-party resolution centres to complaints and disputes

The gambling commission’s whole purpose is to keep crime out of the market and protect vulnerable people from falling victim to predatory conduct.

Provably Fair Games

Testing agencies such as eCOGRA regularly audit gambling firms to ensure that the games offered are fair and haven’t been manipulated.

If eCOGRA detects any foul play, they would first contact the company and invoke necessary changes. If the company doesn’t comply, they will lose its certificate. And if the company can’t prove through third parties that their games are fair, it would lead to their license suspension.

Random Number Generator & Return to Player

Every game you can find on bingo platforms has a Random Number Generator (RNG) built-in for computing the game’s results. The RNG follows mathematical logic and dictates how much of your bet goes back to you, at average, referred to as the Return to Player or RTP.

It’s a conceptualized mechanic found in all games of chance designed to profit the operator, and that’s how games of chance work.

Bingo games commonly have an RTP of 80-90%. If you were to bet £10.00 on a bingo game with a 90% RTP, you’d lose 10% on average. That would translate to a £1.00 loss per game.

Slot games generally have a higher RTP that can go up to as much as 99%.


At Gamblee, we make sure that players don’t fall into the hands of predatory gambling firms. We continuously test new casinos and only promote brands that offer fair bingo promotions and conduct their business legally and hold regional licenses as LAW requires. 



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