It’s easy to fall for traps when looking for new online casinos. Word of advice: you should stay away from GW Casino. We tell you why.

  • GW Casino doesn’t seem to have a license.
  • Some of their links are broken which is a red flag.
  • They can not provide a proven track record.
  • No agencies have confirmed their games to be provably fair.
  • They have tons of grammar errors around their website.
  • They don’t partner with reputable software providers.
  • Players report that they can’t withdraw their winnings.

The list could go on and on, but we’ll spare you. Just know one thing: GW Casino shows all the signs of being a scam, and so does, which seems to be its sister site.

Just look at this paragraph from their support page.

Customers are the most valuable asset for any business. Without committed gamblers, no online or land-based casino can succeed and, more importantly, exist at all. 

Obviously, that paragraph makes little sense, which implies unprofessional conduct all around. Additionally, if you google the brand name, you will see many player reports stating that they can’t withdraw their winnings.

We couldn’t even find an email address to contact them. So if you have an issue, there will likely be no one to help you.

If you want to play casino games for real money, the website should at least have a professional presence, and not look like this:

Wrap up

GW International Casino is most likely a scam, and you shouldn’t play there, especially considering that there are hundreds of legit casino sites out there. Before playing anywhere, think for a second. You are investing real money and should therefore ensure that everything is legit. If the website seems unprofessional, doesn’t show their licensing status or company address in the footer and has no email address: you should stay away.

Without stating any name, we have read a review on another comparison site like ours which rated GW Casino with 4/10 stars, which we think is a shame because they don’t even deserve more than one star. At Gamblee, we only list licensed online casinos, protecting you from shady operators to save you the hassle with black sheep. 



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