Our Guide On How to Hide Gambling Transactions



18 Sep, 2022

Online gambling has become increasingly popular, with casinos being widely available in all corners of the web.

But, considering that many people still view gambling (especially online) as something that isn’t good, some players seek to hide what they are doing from their spouse, family or friends.

This guide will teach you how to hide gambling transactions or not create any traces in the first place.

1. Use Voucher cards

Payment methods like Paysafe or alternatives allow you to purchase “cards” that have a unique code with which you can make deposits into online casinos. There will be no association indicating you might have bought those cards to gamble, so you are in perfect disguise without anyone knowing what shenanigans you are up to.

The downside of using Paysafe or alternatives is that you can only purchase a limited number/value per day at each shop that is selling them.

2. Use e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller

Skrill and Neteller (or other e-wallets) allow you to fund your account using several means, e.g., bank transactions, crypto, debit cards, etc. Once you have funded your account, you can swiftly (instant transactions) deposit into the online casino of your choice without leaving any trace. Those platforms are, in fact, so popular with gamblers that they themselves advertise online casino bonuses on their main page.

You can also easily withdraw your winnings (if you have made any) back onto Skrill/Neteller and co, with both being good options for fast withdrawal times.

3. Use cryptocurrencies

Now, cryptocurrencies are less convenient to use when looking to deposit into online casinos because you first have to purchase them and then find online casinos that allow deposits with them. Also, most online casinos that accept crypto deposits are poorly regulated and navigate in a grey market. Additionally, you will face heavy fluctuations regarding the individual coin’s price, which is not ideal either. 

However, the clear benefit is that you enjoy total anonymity when using cryptocurrencies, without anyone knowing where your payments go other than yourself.

4. Use a VPN to hide your gambling activity from your ISP

Your internet service provider (ISP) tracks every step you take on the world wide web, and there are good reasons you might better hide your traces and instead enjoy anonymity using a VPN.

Using a VPN protects your personal data from hackers and spammers and provides a complete disassociation of data from your ISP.

5. Block gambling transactions

If you mistakenly have made a payment using your bank and want to avoid making the same mistake again, you should consider blocking transactions to gambling venues. But, it might not be the best idea to let your financial service provider know you want to block payments to online/offline casinos, as that might indicate you have developed a problem. 

Final words

Using e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller is best if you want to hide your gambling transactions. You can easily get funds onto the platform using popular payment methods like debit cards or bank transfers, and deposits made into online casinos will be available for play instantly.

Withdrawals usually take less than 24 hours using such e-wallets, which is not much if you consider that withdrawals to banks can take up to 7 days. Most e-wallets take small fees for deposits and withdrawals when using their branded prepaid card, but never for payments.

Whatever option you choose, we recommend you consider why you want to hide your gambling transactions, as that’s something that might indicate you have developed a problem for which you should seek help.



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