Etiquette In Bingo Halls and Chat Rooms


04 Nov, 2021

Many players don’t take bingo etiquette too seriously until they get in trouble with other players. Each bingo site or hall has a set of specific house rules that govern behaviour and social interactions. It is advisable to read these social policies before getting down to business.

Well, this post covers the generally accepted bingo etiquette rules, including those you probably won’t find in most bingo prints.

Let’s go.

The Code of Etiquette In Bingo Halls

First, we touch base on the basic social etiquette in brick-and-mortar bingo halls. Besides the expected rules, like that you can’t smoke indoors, there are some unwritten boundaries which you shouldn’t cross.

  • Confirm the booked seats
    Some regular players will get there early not to lose their lucky spot to another person. Once they’ve booked a seat, they can leave shortly and join in a few minutes before the game starts. Therefore, choose your seat carefully to avoid being asked to move because the seat belongs to someone else. Sometimes a chair may not be booked, but another player can politely request you to exchange seats if they’re particular about where they sit. If you’re new to bingo halls, know this is normal. You can leave the lucky seat to them. However, make sure you sit where you’ll hear the caller clearly. That way, you won’t miss any numbers they call out.
  • Be silent through the calling
    Once the game starts, players need to remain as quiet as possible. The game requires participating members to stay highly focused. Socialising is not welcomed when the game is underway, as players risk missing the numbers being called. This is especially true when they’re playing with multiple bingo cards.
  • Avoid repeating the called numbers
    If you have a habit of repeating numbers as they are called, then it’s high time you changed that. Whilst this could be helping you to concentrate, other players may find it annoying.
  • Do not take your frustrations out on the caller
    Bingo numbers are randomly generated. The host only calls what the system provides. If you’re experiencing a bad run, it’s not their fault your chosen numbers are not showing up.

Try to keep your cool and respect the caller. And when you win, be clear enough so that the caller hears you calling BINGO.

  • Double-check before shouting BINGO
    Imagine halting the game, yet you haven’t won. It is quite embarrassing, right? Making false calls may also infuriate other players who have cramped up their cards, thinking there’s a winner. Such mistakes can affect your relationship with others, thus impacting your overall bingo gaming experience. So, be sure to shout BINGO only when you are certain that you’ve completed the required patterns or lines.
  • Figure out the number of cards you can easily handle
    Sometimes staying focused alone is not enough to avoid missing any called numbers. Before you enter a game, make sure you know the numbers of cards you’re comfortable with. Otherwise, keeping up with the speed of calls can prove challenging.
  • Do not bring in alcoholic beverages or food
    Depending on the bingo hall, players may be prohibited from drinking alcohol. Other halls allow it and even have bars to cater for players. If you’re allowed to drink, avoid carrying beverages to the halls. By buying the drinks and snacks from the catering department, you help support the bingo club.
  • Do not smoke outside designated areas
    Most clubs allow smoking only in specified areas. If you smoke outside these areas, you may get banned from entering that bingo hall. You could also be fined because secondhand smoke puts even non-smokers at risk.

Online Bingo Etiquette

Chat rooms replicate the social aspect of traditional bingo halls. Nonetheless, the bingo etiquette rules slightly differ.

Here is a quick overview of the rules that online bingo players are expected to follow.

  • Respect the chat room host or moderator
    The role of chat moderators is to monitor conversations and help players solve any issue they encounter when in a bingo room. They ensure everyone adheres to the set guidelines. The host will also introduce chat games and offers.If you don’t like how the chat host is handling things, don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Instead of picking a fight with them, use the site’s formal complaint channels to report your problems.
  • Do not shout
    If your chats are in capital letters, then you’re considered shouting. Others will assume you’re doing that on purpose. Only moderators are supposed to leave their caps lock on when typing. That way, it’s easy for players to identify the person presiding over activities in the chat room.
  • Choose your username carefully
    You are free to use whatever username you want, but it’s best to keep it clean. Do not include rude or offensive terms. Also, make sure the username does not impersonate anyone in the chat room. When chatting, it’s equally imperative to avoid offensive language or curse words.

  • Never request monetary favours in online bingo rooms
    If you have used up all the funds set aside for a particular day, just accept it’s your unlucky day. Most bingo sites ban players from asking for donations or loans. A chat host will remove you from the chat room or even deactivate your account if they see you making monetary requests. We recommend looking for no deposit bingo bonuses if you are on a budget.
  • Do not share personal details with anyone
    Ignore any request to exchange your email address, physical address, phone number, or other sensitive details. Someone with malicious intent could steal it.
  • Do not market competitor bingo sites
    The names of other bingo sites can pop up when having conversations. But you’ll want to stay away from using promotional language whilst in the chat room. Hosts usually don’t tolerate such.


Good manners are always in fashion. You don’t follow these bingo etiquette rules to please others. By observing bingo etiquette, you contribute to creating a friendly and enjoyable gaming environment for everyone. If you want to learn more about the game, why don’t you read our article where we share some tips for bingo. Lastly, always treat everyone with respect and lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it.



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