Cracking the Myth of Lucky Numbers in Bingo



19 Oct, 2023

Do you believe there is such thing as lucky numbers in bingo? Well, if you do, then i have some news for you: such numbers don’t exist. 

The way the bingo balls fall is completely random, and while certain numbers can fall more often in a short period of time, in the longer run that will even out.

That is true for bingo halls and online bingo platforms.

It’s called variance and applies to all games of chance. You can not influence your chance of winning at bingo by picking certain  numbers, because the games’ results online are automated by a Random Number Generator – which is as the name indicates, totally random, over the long run. 

And in bingo halls, the machine is just spun which also totally randomizes how the numbers fall.

There is no such thing as lucky numbers in bingo that will help you win more often over the long run, but that doesn’t say that you shouldn’t have your own favorite picks.

What you can do to improve your chances at winning your bingo game is following basic strategies and not doing doing beginner mistakes. 

Of course we are all a bit superstitious and hope that picking our or our child’s birthday date brings us good luck, and it might does, over the short run, but in the long run it’s all random.

Most often drawn bingo numbers

Again, people believe that certain numbers are drawn more often than others based on their own experience, and that is true – but it’s part of a mechanism called variance. 

If you play long enough, those numbers that were frequently drawn in the past, are not coming up as often anymore – and the lucky numbers change. 

Nonetheless, we believe it’s an integral part of a good bingo experience to choose your lucky numbers, as this is kind of what makes the experience. Remember, faith can move mountains!

But statistically, there is no such thing as the most drawn bingo numbers, because the systems that spit out the balls must be tested and confirmed to give random results by the governing authorities, such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

According to multiple sources across the web, there are lucky numbers – but those articles aren’t truthful.


While you can and, in my opinion, should use lucky numbers when playing bingo, we can tell you that those will not improve your chances of winning at bingo over the long run.

On top of choosing your favorite numbers, you should follow basic rules that will help you win more often at bingo, such as buying as many tickets in one game as possible. 

And of course, always only spend what you can afford to lose, because the casino always wins – everybody knows that!

If playing online, you can also get a hold on nice bingo bonuses with which you can play for free for a limited time – and win real money along the way.

But, playing bingo is not about making money – it should all be about having a good time and entertainment. 

One thing we do recommend is checking out our guide on the best bingo calls, which will help you spice up your experience with the right phrase for any event. 



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