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12 May, 2022

Spinning the reels is easy, but winning at slot games online may require some technique – and, of course, luck.  Online slots come in different themes and mechanics, yet their concept is always the same. You spin the reels and hope for the best. It doesn’t always have to be this way because we want to share some slot machine tips you can use to increase your winning probabilities.

You may want to know how to choose a slot machine and find the best online casino slots, in which case our guide will be your guiding light. It contains insight regarding slot machines with the best odds and how you can improve your win chances with bonus games. It takes a clever approach to play slots like a pro, so let’s not waste time and get started!

1. Don’t Believe You Can Outwit the Software

Various guides containing generic slots tips and tricks will claim you can control the machine and predict when the reels will form a payline. Unfortunately, studying the reels and “near misses” to determine when a slot is more likely to hit will only take away your precious time. All the possibilities of manipulating any online slot machine fall under wishful thinking. The fact is software powers slots, and players can’t control it.

Slot machine games use random number generator (RNG) software, a complex algorithm that generates millions of possible results per second. As a result, the outcomes of slot spins are always random, and no hack could predict the next series of symbols on the reels.

When you press the “Spin” button, you instruct the software to select random numbers in a continuously running sequence. The selected numbers map to the symbols on the reels, and the layout on the screen determines if any wins have occurred. Slots are games of pure chance, and you won’t be able to manipulate them from the inside. However, that does not mean you can’t resort to specific wise actions and achieve better opportunities to win at slots.

2. Practice with Free Play Slots

Standard advice players receive is to understand how slot machines work, and study their mechanics, paytable, hit frequency, and return rate. It is practical advice. To win at slots, you should know how they work. However, it is better to see how slot machines work in practice instead of theoretical studying. There is a way to do that without risking any money, and that’s free play.

Demo slot games are authentic versions of slot machines you can play at online casinos for real money, except they don’t require a funded balance. Instead, games include automatically assigned virtual credits to spend on your spins. You’ll experience wins and slot bonus features, but the game won’t pay any actual winnings. Even though you won’t be able to win money on slots for free, you’ll be able to learn about their mechanics, paylines, bonuses, hit frequency, and other highlights.

3. Take Advantage of Casino Slots Bonuses

Casino bonuses are a fantastic way to boost your bankroll and enjoy trending slot titles. Be on the lookout for attractive free spins slots bonuses or no deposit bonuses you can use on slot games. Claiming a free spins slot promotion allows you to spin the reels without staking money on the game.

Any winnings you earn are added to your balance. However, you should choose your slot bonuses carefully since they all have terms and conditions. Any free spins bonus is welcome unless the bonus terms are unfair and unreasonable.

What do we mean when we say unfair or unreasonable bonus terms? Some casinos offer bonuses and give a short time to meet the requirements, which can disqualify your winnings. In addition, winnings from slot free spins have a wagering requirement that needs to be as low as possible to reap greater benefits from the bonus.

Slot bonuses also refer to bonus rounds within the game. So, you would be right to assume that slots with more features and modifiers offer better chances to win. Finding slot machines with free spins, respins, multipliers, pick-me games, and other bonuses is a good strategy. These features can add extra value to your bets and add excitement to the gameplay. It’s a win-win.

4. No Need to Always Use Max Bet

Many “experts” often recommend betting the maximum stake on slots, but the advice applies to selected circumstances. For example, some slots require a max bet if you want to participate in the jackpot. However, betting the maximum isn’t always the most effective online slot strategy to win. You can still win on slots while playing at the minimum bet, whereas you risk losing more at maximum stakes.

It would be wise to think this through before you spin the reels. If you are playing a low-variance game, you will stack smaller winnings over time and still finish the session with decent payouts. In addition, you can pick the best Megaways slots and enjoy many ways to win without putting in max bets.

Overall, you should also mind your budget. Feel free to bet max if you can afford it. Admittedly, higher winnings await when the max bet is active. Still, remember that you don’t eliminate good winning chances by betting smaller amounts since the RNG behaves the same, no matter the size of your wager.

5. Select the Right Slot Volatility and RTP

Online slots have different levels of volatility that can affect gameplay results. Therefore, you should pick the correct volatility for your style.

  • High volatility slots offer fewer but bigger wins;
  • Medium volatility slots provide medium value payout at an average hit rate;
  • Low volatility slots deliver more frequent wins, but they are smaller in value.

Perhaps you like to be motivated by frequent wins that accumulate over time. In that case, you can stay away from high volatility slot machines and pick low variance. On the other hand, if you don’t mind waiting longer for a big win because you enjoy the suspense and the surprise, high volatility slots are likely your cup of tea.

In addition, the slots with the best odds of winning are games with the highest return to player (RTP). The RTP is the percentage that reflects how much of the wagered money the slot is projected to pay back over time. The higher the RTP, the less you will lose overall. So, if you pay attention to the return and focus on games with RTPs over 96.5%, you stand in a good position to bag a big win on slots.

6. Acknowledge When It’s Time to Stop

The secret of how to win at online slots is in your hands. You decide when you’ve won or lost enough. A day at the casino can end without a life-changing jackpot, provided your combined wins from slot play reflect an increase in your balance. Aren’t you the winner in this case?

Having a stop loss strategy is just as important as knowing the time to stop when you’ve won big on slots. Practice discipline and decisiveness for better results – set a loss limit to protect your budget. It will save some of your funds so that you can come back tomorrow and improve your performance. In other words, when luck is not on your side, it is best to retreat and try another time.

In addition, practice stopping the session when you get ahead of your starting balance. You’ve already won. Many slot experts believe stopping after a few lucky spins is the best way to ensure winning every time you play slots. There is no way to lose if you’ve stopped spinning while ahead, is there?

7. Don’t Spend Much Time on Branded Slots

We agree that branded slots are fun to play. Usually associated with films, music icons, or celebrities, branded games provide familiarity with the characters and have substantial entertainment value. But, unfortunately, they are not the best choice if you want to build your bankroll with slot wins.

Game providers have additional costs for creating branded slots because they have t cover licensing expenses. As a result, most branded slot machines have lower RTPs and high volatility. Big wins are possible, but they are fewer and further between than with other slot games.


We don’t have a secret formula to win on slots online; nobody does. Nevertheless, our list of online slots tips can help you create a knowledgeable methodology the next time you log in to your favourite casino. You already know how to play online slots, so there is no need to change your actions. Instead, consider adjusting your slots strategy based on the slot machine type and its level of volatility. Apply a few more of our slot tricks, and the results should be positive. We hope you soon celebrate a big slot win!

How to Win at Online Slots FAQ

No. Online slots use trusted, certified software that has been vetted for fairness and random results.

You can pick jackpot slots that pay daily jackpots. They are smaller but have a higher hit probability. If you want to break the bank, you might need to stake maximum bets and invest a significant amount of time in winning a slot’s progressive jackpot. Even then, only luck will decide the winner.

There is no way of knowing when a slot machine will pay. The RNG software ensures unpredictable outcomes each time you spin the reels.

Low volatility online slots deliver frequent, smaller payouts. High volatility machines would be the opposite, issuing high payouts less frequently.

Slot strategies are not a 100% guarantee that you’ll win every time. It comes down to balancing several factors to maximise the win potential and minimise losses on slots. The best rule is to play within your budget, followed by any preferred tactic or approach.



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