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19 Dec, 2021

Online bingo sites keep attracting new customers with a variety of incentives. With so many gambling websites in the UK competing for the same players, welcome offers and promotions alone won’t make players stick around. Once newly registered clients have exploited their bonuses, many of them tend to leave.

When casinos were new in the online gambling scene, this is what used to happen. Operators had to refine their strategies to encourage loyalty. That’s why today many sites run the bingo loyalty programs and VIP schemes to keep existing players interested.

If you are new to the game or want to enlighten yourself, this post covers everything you need to know about bingo VIP programs, loyalty rewards, and cashback deals.

How bingo loyalty programs work

The program gives treats and incentives that encourage bingo players to play frequently at a site. Players usually become part of the bingo loyalty program once they’ve created an account and funded it. Most bingo platforms have schemes that work through the use of loyalty points.

The standard criteria involve awarding points depending on how much a player wagers. For example, a site can offer you one loyalty point for every £1 worth of bet. Other bingo operators will add a certain amount of points to your account when you win a bingo side game. The criteria for each site could be different, though.

You will keep accumulating points as you play. Game providers use the points to classify players into levels. For example, if you play at a Dragonfish bingo site, you will notice four levels: bingo rookie, bingo pro, bingo master, and bingo champ.

Each of these levels has different rewards. Getting to or near the top will allow you to take advantage of more valuable bingo offers.

The conditions

Loyalty schemes aren’t the same across all bingo networks. How often players get rewarded depends on the bingo site. Generally, though, most bingo operators will roll out monthly or weekly loyalty rewards and promotions.

Some websites may provide treats and incentives every day, but this applies to schemes that fall in the lifetime categories. It is because in a lifetime loyalty program a player cannot move down the levels. Only established bingo platforms tend to run this type of program.

Monthly schemes dominate the market by far. The levels reset at the beginning of each month. A player either climbs or moves down the ladder depending on their monthly gaming activities.

Types of loyalty and VIP scheme rewards

Many bingo sites offer a wide range of rewards, including:

  • Cashback deals
    As the name suggests, this reward involves giving players cashback. The incentives usually have a percentage match capped to a maximum amount.
    For example, a bingo site can offer an 80% cashback bonus of up to £50 on a lost bet. So, if you wager £50 and lose, the bingo site gives you back £40. It can be in cash or credits. VIP members enjoy a better rate of cashback playing bingo.
  • Free bingo tickets
    Almost every top operator offers free tickets with a chance of winning real money. However, you will be restricted to use the tickets on certain games. You may get the all bingo free tickets or variant assigned free bingo.
    If a casino gives you all bingo free tickets, you can use them in any bingo room with eligible games. The other type is applicable in rooms specific to the bingo variant.
  • Deposit bonuses
    In this case, a gambling site gives you a set amount of money to buy bingo tickets. Like most types of online bonus funds, the bingo bonuses have wagering requirements you must meet before withdrawing winnings.
  • Birthday gifts
    Birthday gifts and bonuses are often associated with VIP members. We can’t possibly think of a better way that your favourite bingo site can make your birthday more special than giving you customised bonuses and prizes.
  • Exclusive promotions
    Regulars and high rollers gain access to weekly and monthly promotions. For instance, they can be allowed to participate in free bingo games and massive jackpots. There are a variety of benefits you can enjoy under this feature.
    A casino can increase point conversion rates as you climb up the ladder. For example, as a new player, you may receive one loyalty point for every £1 bet. If you move one step up, the rate may change to 2 points whenever you bet £1. VIP players have the best conversion rates.
  • Access to private bingo rooms
    As a newly registered bingo player, you will get access to newbie rooms. The preferential treatment and bonuses you will get are for a limited time only.
    Essentially, gambling sites want to give you an idea of how it feels to be part of a group with access to exclusive offers. Most valuable members of the loyalty program can join private bingo rooms where there are games and prizes that players of other levels can’t access.
  • VIP treats
    When a site makes you a bingo VIP, you can also expect red carpet treatment. Do not be surprised to get tickets to VIP events, concerts, holidays, day outs. Most bingo sites will also assign you a dedicated VIP manager. You may enjoy faster withdrawal times as well.
    Please note this is not an exhaustive list of loyalty and VIP rewards. Each site operates its scheme differently. Make sure you check out the VIP scheme specifics of the site you want to join. Some gambling sites have more generous promotions and prizes than others.
    You will find such information under the promotions section. Alternatively, you can reach out to customer support to walk you through the fine details of their scheme.

Our quick take on VIP programs

If you are a big bingo fan and love to play the game regularly, being part of the loyalty and VIP program is an added advantage. Regardless, though, always play bingo responsibly. Don’t just change your monthly gambling budget to make yourself qualify for the loyalty prizes and promotions.





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