Bingo Addiction: Tips on Prevention and Recovery



14 Jan, 2022

Gambling has the perfect characteristics to make one addicted. You feel a rush awaiting the game’s outcomes and are in chance of winning potentially live-changing money. Or, do you? In which way does playing bingo change your life financially?

The odds are that playing bingo hurts your pockets, whether you play in a small club around the corner or online.

But, it’s easier to get addicted to online bingo given the easy accessibility. You can play whenever games are running, which is almost around the clock. 

And playing bingo can not only be a good killer of money but also of time. It’s enticing to start one more game to see what happens. It’s fun, and maybe this time, you’ll win. Right? Wrong. 

Statistically, you lose a certain percentage of each wager, no matter the outcome. That is how online casinos and bingo halls alike create revenue.

The provider’s house edge is somewhat substantial, with around 70-85% of the bet returning to the player on average. That means you lose between 15-25% of your money every new game.

You can hit lucky streaks and win a lot which feels great. Then, you lose and want to experience the moment you were so fortunate again, and try, and try, and try over and over again, realising you might have developed a problem.

At this point, it’s not even fun anymore. So, how does one escape this hell-hole?

How to spot a bingo addiction

First of all, if you are seeking information about gambling addiction, you are already on a great path to recovery or betterment. Here are some warning signs that might indicate an acute bingo addiction:

  • The game isn’t even fun anymore, but you still can’t stop playing.
  • You are getting angry when losing and feel unlucky.
  • You neglect responsibilities for the sake of playing bingo.
  • You need to enter higher stake games to experience joy playing.
  • You think about playing in inappropriate settings, such as a family dinner or workplace.

If two or more of the listed signs describe you, you should keep reading.

How to prevent getting addicted to bingo

The chances are that one develops an addiction because of the real money aspect the game offers. You would likely not feel the itch to play at all times if there was no money involved. That is why our first tip is:

  1. Play for money that won’t trouble you when losing. You can play bingo online for one penny, which shouldn’t bother even the most stingy person losing. 
  2. If you like playing bingo but hate losing money, you should play free games, of which there are plenty online. Just give it a Google search.
  3. Set yourself the rule to only play in social settings such as brick and mortar halls, excluding online sessions to keep the hobby somewhat healthy.
  4. Limit the times you allow yourself to play to certain hours, and stick to the schedule.
  5. Find something that can substitute the feeling bingo gives you, such as sports, reading or other hobbies.

The best advice we can give is that you should avoid playing for substantial stakes and that you need to limit yourself in regards to hours spent.

Recovering from bingo addiction

If everything seems lost, and you are in deep trouble because you can’t control your habit any longer, we advice-seeking professional help, of which there is an abundance online and offline.

Here are some helpful organisations that can help you further regarding your bingo addiction:


Problem gambling can be harmful and has both physical and psychological implications, resulting in distress, migraines and depression if you suffer from the illness. 

Nearly one in ten players are prone to become addicted to bingo, with one in twenty already addicted. If you feel an actual addiction is lurking around the corner, it’s time to seek help and contact suitable organisations that can and will help you.



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