How To Win at Bingo – The Ultimate List of 27 Tips & Tricks



04 Nov, 2021

Bingo rules are easy to follow, no matter the game version. You can join a bingo site today and start playing in no time. Much emphasis has been put on having fun when playing bingo for all the right reasons. 

But for many players, the joy is never complete without winning, at least a couple of times. 

You don’t have to rely only on luck. You can learn how to win at bingo and make a noticeable difference in your overall gaming experience. 

Winning involves a lot more than people realise, though.  

Follow these steps to improve your chances of winning at bingo

We will share a long list of bingo tips and strategies to set you up for success in this post. 

Let’s get started.

1. Choose your bingo site carefully

When playing bingo online, our primary concern is about the safety of our financial data, our funds, and the games’ fairness. In line with that, we recommend only creating an account with licensed and reputable bingo sites. The activities of licensed platforms are closely monitored by the UK Gambling Commission, guaranteeing you a safe gambling experience in all aspects, including game fairness, data protection and overall legitimacy of conduct when it comes to customer service. We recommend spending some time reading player reports even if you believe the site you want to sign up to is legitimate. Reviews can reveal other interesting details, such as the game variety, bonus offers and other perks the platform might offer.

2. Know the bingo odds

Calculating your probability of winning is simple. Divide the number of cards you entered a game with by the number of cards in play. You can check the total number of cards bought for the game in the prize section. Suppose you have five cards and the total number of cards in play is 50. Your odds of becoming a winner would be 10%. The higher share you have of the cards, the higher the probability of winning. Aim to enter a game with more bingo cards than your competitors. Calculating the odds should help you to adjust the number of your cards. This strategy can be expensive when you have a bad run of cards. However, it is the most practical way to boost your winning chances. The rewards could be massive the few times you get it right.

3. Purchase only as many cards as you can handle

While playing with more cards is a good idea, checking the numbers on all the bingo cards is imperative.It would be counterproductive to buy the maximum tickets with many duplicate bingo numbers. When playing online bingo, marking off the numbers is not a problem, regardless of your cards. You can let the system automatically daub the numbers. Nevertheless, you need to scan the cards to ensure they don’t share a lot of numbers. In a land-based bingo, however, it is strictly manual. So, you don’t want to miss any number because you have more than you can handle.

4. Pick bingo cards with numbers close to the median

Tippett, a British statistician, proposed a card selection theory. According to Tippett, a longer game tends to have more numbers gravitating towards the middle. So, you should choose cards that feature as many numbers towards the median as possible. What if a bingo game is short? In that case, select numbers closer to the edges. If you play the British bingo version (90 ball bingo), your ideal card will have more numbers between 1 and 90.

5. Ensure the numbers are evenly distributed across your bingo card

To help with that, you may want to use Granville’s bingo strategy. The American mathematician proposed that a card should include a range of balanced numbers. The bingo strategy involves selecting cards with:

  • equal high and low numbers
  • equal even and odd numbers
  • equal picks ending with 0-9

With these checkpoints, players can swing the odds in their favour.

6. Look for discounted bingo tickets

Bingo providers may offer discounts with no strings attached. Sites typically give discounted tickets when you purchase cards in bulk. Discounts increase your expected return. With the money saved, you can buy extra tickets. As mentioned earlier, more cards give you a competitive advantage.

7. Choose your bonus wisely

Bingo bonuses can be a source of frustration when you win but fail to follow the rules. If you hate playthrough requirements like many other players, there’s good news for you.
You have plenty of good choices when it comes to bingo sites with no wagering requirements. But still, you should find out if there are other conditions attached. Check the eligible games, cap amount, time limit, etc. Do not accept any bonus until you have thoroughly read and understood the terms and conditions.

8. Play when there are fewer opponents

The number of players in a bingo room can dictate your odds of winning. The lesser, the better. Here is an example: Let’s say there are 50 players with five cards each. That’s a total of 250 cards. Each player has a 2% chance of winning. Now let’s assume 20 players are playing with the same number of bingo cards. In that case, the total number of cards would be 100 cards. The odds of each player winning will increase from 2% to 5%. It is that simple. But let us make one thing clear; the rewards may not be impressive when only a few members are participating in the game—the number and value of the tickets purchased influence the prizes.

9. Create a bingo bankroll management plan

Losing is a more likely outcome than winning. It would be best to decide how much you are willing to risk daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. Whatever timescale you choose, never wager 3% or more of your total bankroll in one session. If your monthly bankroll is £500, your daily budget should not cost more than £15. Setting a budget is not enough. Can you stick to it? When a budget guides you, you’ll start a gaming session less worried about the outcome.

10. Only risk what you can afford and never chase losses

We have all been there. You try playing several times, but your numbers never seem to come up. Desperation eventually creeps in, and the game stops being fun. It is very tempting to start chasing losses. When on a losing streak, do not increase your wagering amounts to recoup losses. Instead, try reducing the number of games until things turn around without going over your set budget. Do not buy tickets with money meant for other things, such as food, utility bills, or other necessities. A gambling budget should be derived from your disposable income. Otherwise, it would help if you stayed away from playing bingo. It makes sense to keep playing more when on a winning streak because such days do not come as often as you wish. However, knowing when to quit is as important as winning. By rule of thumb, you should stop playing once you lose 2 to 3 games. Convince yourself that the winning streak has ended. We have heard many stories about people going from long winning streaks to losing everything.

11. Play less expensive bingo games

This is one of the bingo tips to use to your advantage, especially if you are on a budget. Even though the rewards may not be as lucrative, this strategy may increase your odds to some extent. You will be able to buy more cards. As a standard rule, you should play games where the entry fee does not exceed 10% of your set daily budget. Using the previous example (£15 daily allotment), aim to spend £1.5 or less. And if you are on a really tight budget, you can test out newbie rooms as a new customer for a limited time and win real money – with no deposit required.

12. Know your game

Smart bingo players stick to game variations they understand. The rules and strategies are essentially not the same in a 30-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo game. If you want to try something different, make sure you take time to study and analyse the game of interest before throwing your hat into the ring. You can learn how to win more often by playing bingo through playing free games. Take advantage of these games to understand the basic rules and gain experience before involving your hard-earned money.

13. Choose games with the highest bingo RTP

Bingo sites offering games with a high return to player (RTP) are worth your time and money. RTP is a figure expressed in a percentage form, dictating the amount a game returns to players as prize money over time. A higher bingo RTP means a lower house edge. In other words, a site makes less profit from the cumulative wagers on the game. From the players’ perspective, this is good news. You will enjoy boosted winnings. As the RTP increases, the gains for players increase as well. On average, the RTP lies between 70% and 85%.

14. Take regular breaks

It is only natural that you want to keep track of every event to create the following strategy. Nevertheless, sometimes taking frequent breaks is highly recommended. If you have been on a 2-hour losing streak, there is no guarantee that you will win in the next 3 hours. Breaks can reduce the money a bingo player loses per hour. That is because a player’s expected hourly loss is a factor in determining the house edge and how many hands per hour they play.

15. Participate in chat games

Chat rooms are not only for giving bingo sites the social element. Players also get a chance to play chat games and win. The chat hosts or moderator will occasionally offer prizes, such as credits, free tickets, free spins, and much more. However, it is the active members that stand a good chance of winning in chat rooms. But keep in mind to be in compliance with bingo room etiquettes when chatting.

16. Seek bingo tips from experienced players in bingo forums

If you are getting started with bingo, reading the discussions between players in online forums is another way to learn how to win at bingo. You will find more professional and experienced players to interact with and improve your game. They will be happy to share valuable bingo tips to set you up for success, although we doubt they will say something we haven’t discussed here.

17. Have a stable internet connection

You don’t want to get disconnected over and over again when the game is underway. Of course, the system will credit winnings to your account if you win. It does not matter whether you had chosen the automatic daub feature or you were ticking off the numbers manually. However, following the game keenly without interruption is essential, as it can help you make your judgment and develop a strategy. This tip is especially important if you frequently play bingo from your mobile device, as you can easily lose connection there.

18. Do not always stick to your favourite combinations

Are you that type of bingo player who can never enter a game unless a card features some of your lucky numbers? If you have been doing this religiously without much success, it is time to shake things up slightly. There is no harm in believing that a certain number will come up. However, be willing to make changes whenever the plan is not working.

19. Do not just focus on having numbers that come up often

A specific number may be called a couple of times during a gaming session. But here is what to remember: There is still a chance that the number might not be part of the winning combination.

20. Never use borrowed money to gamble

Maybe your monthly gambling budget is £700, but you spend more than planned in a particular week. You are a week away from receiving your paycheck, but you cannot stay that long without playing your favourite bingo games. So, in the meantime, you borrow money to finance your gambling activities. Unfortunately, people who borrow money for gambling, often than not, end up in huge debts. Don’t be a fool and quit before the game affects your life in unintended ways, and consider that you have started it all for the sake of having fun.

23. Do not open more than one account

Bingo sites do not allow players to have duplicate accounts. Nowadays, bingo operators must verify details before allowing players to deposit and start playing. If during the verification process, they notice another account with similar information, there will be consequences. Your accounts will be closed. They’ll block you from joining that brand, and all their sister companies, ever again. If the already active account had funds, you could lose that money as well.

24. Learn the lingo

When you enter the chat rooms, you will come across many abbreviations and phrases that can be confusing. For example, you will see FH instead of a full house, 1L instead of 1 line, and 2L instead of 2 lines. Lingo makes chatting quicker. Therefore, take time to familiarise yourself with the commonly used short terms if you do not want to feel left out of a conversation.

25. Keep your cool

We understand losing round after round is never a good feeling. You might quickly get discouraged and become angry and end up making wrong decisions. Bingo players need to keep in mind that every game starts afresh. Your bad luck from the first or second round will not necessarily carry over into the third round. Turning away from the screen can help keep your feelings at bay. Stretch your legs a little bit and walk around for some minutes to clear your head. Getting fresh air can leave you in an elevated mood, feeling more confident for the next game. You may have started with a bad run, but things can quickly turn around in the game of bingo. You never know.

26. Buy tickets for jackpot games in advance

One of the appealing aspects of bingo is the opportunity to win jackpots. There is no denying that the odds of winning a jackpot are slim. But if it is your lucky day, you could walk away with life-changing prizes. Consider purchasing the tickets in advance. That way, you will be contesting for the jackpot even when you are not present in the online bingo room as the game unfolds.

27. Play bingo for the right reasons

Despite there being many bingo tips and strategies to increase your chances, we should not forget bingo is a game of luck rather than skill. As such, do not be entirely focused on winning. Bingo is much more about connecting with like-minded people and enjoying the moment than maximising financial gains.

28. Have a bingo journal

Learning how to win at bingo is a life-long process. You will learn new bingo tips and tricks along the way. But for starters, you will want to keep the bingo strategies featured here in your journal for quick reference. At some point, you may have to ditch what does not work for you.

29. Opt for self-exclusion

Well, this will not help you improve your skills on how to win at bingo. It is a tip for problem gamblers. When gambling addiction is not carefully managed, it can cause many problems for you and the people around you.If playing bingo stresses you out and affects your day-to-day life, it is best to use the self-exclusion scheme to restrict your online gambling activities. The UKGC requires every bingo operator to integrate their site with Gamstop, a multi-operator self-exclusion system. Here are some of the signs you are a problem gambler:

  • Spending more than you can afford
  • Difficulty in sticking to your set budget
  • Not able to resist the urge to chase losses
  • Borrowing money to gamble
  • Selling possessions to get cash for gambling 
  • Hiding the extent of your gambling activities
  • Feeling depressed or irritable 


Players face a house edge in any game of randomly generated numbers. The house always wins. In that context, we cannot guarantee that with this extensive list of bingo tips and tricks, you will be a winner every time. But what we can promise is that it will improve your chances of winning at bingo.

This post aims to help you get the most entertainment for your money. Focus on having a good time, not just the monetary benefits. You will never lose if having fun is your top priority. 



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