About Gamblee

About Gamblee

Gamblee was incepted with the idea of creating the ultimate source for everything related to games of chance. We aim to provide objective reporting about online casinos, give genuinely helpful game guides and entertain by providing casino game demos and opinion pieces. Ultimatively, we want to build a community of gambling enthusiasts and create a lively forum for the exchange of ideas.

Who we are

The founders of Gamblee are two professional poker players who recognized that the industry they are in is in steady decline, so they had to reevaluate their career paths.

Considering the experience they made playing millions of poker hands online, it was clear that the path forward should be within the gambling industry.

As one of the founders was in contact with many veteran affiliate marketers who have proven it can be done, he had the right arguments to convince the other to enter the industry – together.

The idea was conceived.

Now we had to create a plan. 

Creating a plan

Creating a website is easy, but creating a good website that stands out and has a unique selling point is difficult.

While we got to stay in the lane of what’s been a proven standard, we wanted to diverge from the norm in an attempt to create something distinguishable.

But the realisation of a plan takes time, and the culmination of a good plan takes even more time.

Our premise was that everything needs to be scalable because things get shaken up easily without a stable fundament. 

Our failures

At first, we had no plan and just wanted to dive right into it without prior experience.

1st mistake.

Then, we became impatient and started putting out mediocre content on a mediocre platform.

2nd mistake.

Then, we hired mediocre developers and just let them do their thing without giving clear instructions.

3rd mistake, and the most costly one.

Lessons learned

After going through two years of failure, we had enough. We wanted to do things the right way and hired a company with great credence – Elegance Design.

With their expertise and our visions, we created something we believe has the potential to achieve success.

Our platform now has many excellent features and is capable of:

  • Giving detailed information about online casinos on a well-designed template;
  • Listing bonus offers with all the conditions and peculiarities showcased for easy comparison;
  • Providing our users with the option to filter online casinos specifically to their requirements;
  • Allowing users to drop comments and reviews with a reply option.

While it can’t do any magic tricks (yet), we are optimistic about what the future holds for Gamblee.